Crafting, the First & Only, Organic Milk Tea Specialty Drinks in Hawaii!

"An after school treat turned into a liking.

This liking turned into an addiction.

My addiction ultimately became my passion.

My passion led me to establish Milk Tea Hawaii."

During a summer program in Taichung, Taiwan, my Chinese roommate invited me to join her for an afternoon drink.  It was a hot, humid day, and I took her up on her offer.  We walked off campus, across from the main road, tucked in the back alley, and came upon the retreat that would be my home during the entire summer of 1996.  This was my first encounter with milk tea, and the beginning of my obsession journey that has taken me to where I am at today.

Trust me, I have tasted many "bubble tea" versions.  I've lived in Seattle and various parts of the Bay Area before returning home to Hawaii.  But, nothing ever really compared to that first taste at that "mom and pop" eatery in Taichung.  Either the drink was too sweet or lack thereof, too powdery, too watery, not iced enough or the tapioca balls were either too hard (a sure sign of old inventory) or worse off, no tea taste.

Well, like anything else, reality took over.  I got married, settled into a career, and had two wonderful children.  Whenever I needed a special treat, I always relied on my milk tea.  As my kids started sharing in my milk tea cravings, I started to review the contents of what comprises in a milk tea.  What I found was shocking!  So,  I opted to make a healthier version by using organic products, from the custom blend of tea leaves to using local honey to sweeten the premium tapioca balls.  The taste is unparalleled!  No more powder!  No more artificial sweetener! 

Milk Tea Hawaii crafts premium specialty milk tea drinks served at its freshest peak, using only organic and local ingredients. 

We invite you to taste the transparent difference!